Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We at Stain On My Shirt will undergo a major transformation.

Due to that, all items will be discounted by 20%. 

RM 75 - 20% = RM60 only!

RM 45 - 20% = RM36 only!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Long Sleeved Robin

We have a new item here. Please feel free to email us regarding sizing, pricing and location to COD any time.

Here we have a long sleeved checked shirt. We'll let the pictures do the talking!

This is us keeping the sleeves long. Especially well during cold clubbing sessions.

and this is us after partying hard, it gets hot, it becomes shirt sleeves. (its just folded really high, really)

This item is limited. Better hurry!

"Model" is wearing M
Long Sleeved Robin, M/L: RM75 *Available
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Forgive us for returning to this beloved blog after such a long hiatus. While we am currently working my butt off at my our job, we am still active on Stain On My Shirt and our email.

First of, thanks for all the enquiries and purchases. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Here are a few comments.

TY Wong: Thanks for meeting up with me on such short notice. Thumbs up! (The Owl:Brown)
Alvin: Dude, I love that shirt. Thanks. (Long Sleeved Jose)
Mus: My gf thinks im cute! (The Owl:Brown)
JC: Reminds me and my family of our dog. Next time i show you picture. (The Dawg:Grey)

Thanks for shopping with us guys!

Our items are limited to ensure exclusivity. So hurry hurry!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long Sleeved Jose

New item on the way!

 If you like, you can roll the sleeves all the way to the top to look like short sleeves. Very versatile, suitable for all occasions!

"Model" is wearing M
Long Sleeved Alex, M/L: RM75 *Last Piece (M)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Long sleeved Alex.

Hey guys,

Check out this new item. This style is now running off the shelves of many stores. Get this versatile item now. Easy to match, easy to wear!

"Model" is wearing M
Long Sleeved Alex, M/L: RM75 *Available

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

High chicken is high-tee

Hey guys,

Check out this high chicken. For those who have a quirky sense of fashion. This is for you.

"Model" is wearing M
High Chicken, Green M/L: RM45 *Available
High Blue, Green M/L: RM45 *Available

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Owl

Hey guys,

Here are more printed tees for you. Wear it to college, to your local pubs, or your regular mamak.

Suitable for any casual occasions. Put on your owl tee Potter-heads! :)

The Owl, Brown M/L: RM45 *Last Piece (M) The Owl, Blue M/L: RM45 *Available